Kennel- free outdoor and indoor enviroment. Interact, bonding and socialization with other dogs



Overnight boarding is designed to meet the needs of your fur-kid



Stress free with our Kennel free grooming services. Your fur kid never go in the kennel with high pitched dryer and blow at them for hours .


Little’s Playhouse kennel-free daycare provide your furry kid playtime, socialization, and make friends. Inadition, just simply hang out with other pooches or team members . Please vaccinate or titer your dog according to your veterinarian’s recommendations. Proof of current Rabies, DHPP and Kennel Cough (6 months) vaccinations are required to be kept on file. Fleas andTicks prevention program from Spring- Fall to enter to Little’s for daycare.

All guests must be in good health and free from communicable disease and parasites to attend daycare. If your dog is showing any signs of illness (incl. lethargy, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or diarrhea) or injury, please keep them home until they are cleared by their veterinarian to return to the daycare environment.

Reassessment: Guests must attend daycare regularly to stay current. If your dog has been away from daycare for three or more months, they must be reassessed for the program for $30 fee.

***Cancellation and No Show Policy:   Our daycare cancellation Policy is 24 hours prior to arrival to avoid a charge. Dogs that not show up for their reserved daycare date will be charged for the dates of the reservation.


At Little’s we offer safe and cozy overnight  for your furry guests. We offers deluxe and standard room. Owner can have options either kennel-free spaces as well as kennel option for standard overnight.

  • For kennel-free guests must meet all the requirements ( chew free, potty trained, able to hang out, shared space with other dogs)

  • Guests new to overnight  at Little’s must have at least 1 sleepover visit prior to a multi-day visit. This is to ensure your dog is comfortable in the environment. We require this during the weekdays so that your dog can experience a full typical day at Little’s

  • Guests in boarding will be exposed to the same environment as daycare dogs, therefore the requirements are the same as listed under Daycare.

  • The day of arrival, please try to check-in by 3 pm so we may have the opportunity to evaluate and give personal time with your pet prior to closing hours. Guests check-in after 3 pm without arrangement, we will not allow guests to check-in.

  • We will provided raised bed , small blanket, and food bowls. Just bring food and instructions

  • For deluxe reservation, guest can bring bed, blanket and proper toys, since guest will not share with other guest

  • We will do our best to return items in the same condition they arrived however we may not have time to launder the items. We cannot be responsible for lost, dirty, or damaged items.

  • All holiday overnight reservations require a deposit of 50%

  • Reassessment: Guests must attend daycare regularly to stay current. If your dog has been away from daycare for three or more months, they must be reassessed for the program for $30 fee.

    ***Cancellation and No Show Policy for Overnight : A non-refundable deposit equal to the cost of the first night's stay is required for all boarding reservations. 7 days advance notice is required to cancel, shorten, or reschedule a boarding stay. If notice is given in less than 7 days a 20% fee will be charged. With less than 3 days, the fee is 50%. If less than 48 hours notice is given, the reservation is charged in full.  A credit card is required to be on file for all reservations.


At Little’s our staff over 30 + years experienced will take the time needed to make sure our guest is comfortable during the entire service and enjoys their spa day with us. We offer kennel-free full services from exit bath to a fancy hair do.

Our competitive rates are based on the breed and condition of your pet’s coat. Grooming services appointment only, or added to any boarding or daycare reservations.